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Chapter 1. The Basic Syntactic Structure


Syntax in Language

Syntax in Music

Chapter 2. Static and Dynamic Harmony

Static Harmony

Dynamic Harmony

Chapter 3. Non-functional Chords


Auxiliary Chords

Passing Chords

Appoggiatura Chords

Chapter 4. Linear Progressions

Chapter 5. Extensions within the Basic Structure


The Dominant Prolongation

The Static Coda

The Dynamic Introduction

Chapter 6. Extensions to the Basic Structure

Chapter 7. Modulation


In Dynamic Harmony

Using Chromatic Chords

Tonic to Tonic

Chapter 8. Example Musical Analyses

General Introduction

Schumann - Kinderszenen No 1.

Brahms - St Antoni Chorale Variations

Others to follow in the book

Chapter 9. Example Harmonisation

Chapter 10. Historical Background


A: Voice Leading Overview

B: 20th Century Popular Music

C: Glossary of Terms

D: Glossary of Symbols

Bibliography and Web Links

Index of Musical Examples



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