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General Musical Theory


Dr Brian Blood's Music Theory Online

Alisdair Macrae Birch's Music Theory Site


Harmony and Harmonic Theory


These books are mostly treatises concerning the theory of harmony. Books on basic harmony are very common and there are different books available in different countries so it is not possible to include all basic harmony books here. Please refer to the links above under 'General Music Theory' or your local bookshop or musical institution. However, the Kitson book is an good concise overview of tonal harmony and the Piston book includes many examples from the classical repertoire. Each should be available in many countries. There are only second hand copies of Kitson available as it is no longer in print.


Author Title
Town: Publisher Notes
Dahlhaus, Anderson, Wilson, Cohn Harmony
Macmillan Entry in New Grove II
Mickelsen, William C. Hugo Riemann’s Theory of Harmony
Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press Study plus a translation of some of Riemann's writing.
Kitson, C. H. Elementary Harmony Parts I, II and III.
Oxford: The Clarendon Press see note above.
Piston, Walter Harmony
London: Gollancz Ltd

Rev: by DeVoto 1978
see note above.

Rameau, Jean-Philippe

Génération Harmonique

University Microfilms Michigan Trans: Hayes 1968 with commentary
Nouveau Systême de Musique Theorique
Xerox University Microfilms, Michigan Trans: Chandler 1975 with commentary
Treatise on Harmony
New York: Dover Publications, Inc Trans: Gossett 1971
Richter, Ernst Friedrich Manual of Harmony
Boston: Oliver Ditson Company Trans: Parker
Riemann, Hugo Harmony Simplified
Augener Trans: Bewerunge
Schoenberg, Arnold Theory of Harmony
London: Faber & Faber Trans: Carter 1978
Structural Functions of Harmony
London: Faber & Faber Ed: Stein
Shirlaw, Matthew The Theory of Harmony
New York: Da Capo Press History of Harmonic Theory to 1917
Thompson, David M A History of Harmonic Theory
in the United States
Kent State University Press  


Root Progressions


Author Title Date Town: Publisher Notes
Goetschius The Material Used in Musical Composition
Boston Music CO  
McHose Basic Principles of the Technique of 18th and 19th Century Composition
Piston Harmony
London: Gollancz later editions
Schoenberg Structural Functions of Harmony
London, Boston: Faber and Faber  
Tymoczko, Dmitri A Geometry of Music: Harmony and Counterpoint in the Extended Common Practice
Oxford University Press  
Meeus, Nicolas Toward a Post-Schoenbergian Grammar of Tonal and Pre-tonal Harmonic Progressions
Art: Music Theory Online, Vol 6, No 1  
Weber Theory of Musical Composition
London: Cocks & Co. In two volumes

Musical Analysis


Author Title
Town: Publisher Notes
Bent & Pople Analysis
Macmillan Entry in New Grove II
Cook, Nicholas A Guide to Musical Analysis
London: Dent  
Dunsby & Whittall Music Analysis in Theory and Practice
London and Boston: Faber Music  
La Rue Guidelines for Style Analysis
New York: London: Norton  
Macpherson, Stewart Form in Music
London : Joseph Williams Revised Edition
Réti, Rudoph The Thematic Process in Music
New York: Macmillan  
Schoenberg, Arnold Style and Idea
New York: Philosophical Library  
Fundamentals of Musical Composition
London: Faber and Faber  
Tovey, D F A Companion to Beethoven's Pianoforte Sonatas
London: The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music  

Esssays in Musical Analysis.
Volumes 1 - 6

London: Oxford University Press

Vol. 1: Symphonies

Warburton, Annie, O Analyses of Musical Classics. Books 1 - 4.
1967 - 1974
London : Longmans  


Schenker and Schenkerian Analysis

Books and Articles

Author Title
Town: Publisher Notes
Burkhart, C Schenker's "Motivic Parallelisms"
Art: Journal of Music Theory, Vol. 22.  
Cadwallader & Gagné Analysis of Tonal Music: A Schenkerian Approach
Oxford: Oxford University Press  
Clark, W. Heinrich Schenker on the nature of the seventh chord
Art: Journal of Music Theory, Vol. 26, pp 221-59 The anomaly of the dominant 7th chord in Schenker
Deliège, C Some Unsolved Problems in Schenkerian Theory
Art: Musical Grammars and Computer Analysis. From convention in Modena 1982
Forte & Gilbert Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis
New York and London: Norton  
Morgan, R Dissonant prolongation: theoretical and compositional precedents
Art: Journal of Music Theory, Vol. 20. Application of Schenker to 20th century music.
Narmour Beyond Schenkerism
University of Chicago Press  
Pankhurst, Tom Schenker Guide
Routledge see also website below
Salzer, Felix Structural Hearing - Tonal Coherence in Music
New York: Dover Publications (1962) In two volumes - paper back bound as one.
Schenker Harmony
University of Chicago Press  
Der Tonwille : Vols I and II
1921 - 1924
Oxford : Oxford University Press Pamphlets re-published in two volumes in 2004, 2005
The Masterwork in Music
Cambridge University Press In three volumes
Five Graphic Music Analyses
New York: Dover  
Der freie Satz
New York, London: Longman  
Straus, J N The problem of prolongation in post-tonal music

Art: Journal of Music Theory, Vol 31.

Application of Schenker to 20th century music.
Travis, Roy Towards a new concept of Tonality?
Art: Journal of Music Theory, Vol. 3. Application of Schenker to 20th century music.


Tom Pankhurst's Guide to Schenkerian Analysis

Voice Leading, Counterpoint, Figured Bass, Divisions

Books and Article

Note: For Voice Leading, see also sections on General Musical Theory, Harmony and Harmonic Theory, Schenker and Schenkerian Analysis as voice leading is usually treated as a subset of one of those topics.

Author Title
Town: Publisher Notes
Aldwell and Schachter Harmony and Voice Leading
New York : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Heavily influenced by Schenkerian analysis
Artusi, G M L’arte del contraponto

New York/ Hildesheim: Georg Olms, Facsimile reprint, 1969

In Italian
Bach, J.S. Precepts and principles for playing the thorough-bass or accompanying in four parts
Leipzig,: translation with facsimile, introduction, and explanatory notes by Pamela L. Poulin. 1994  
Bush, Alan Dudley Strict Counterpoint in Palestrina Style : a Practical Text Book
London : Stainer & Bell A good introduction to species counterpoint. Concentrates on two part writing.
Bovicelli, Giovanni Battista, Regole, passaggi di musica
Kassel : Bärenreiter , 1957. Facsimile reproduction Musical embellishment
Donington, Robert The Interpretation of Early Music
London: Faber and Faber

Revised Edition 1977

Fux, Johann Joseph The Study of Fugue : from Gradus ad Parnassum
London: Faber and Faber

Trans and edited by Alfred Mann - 1958 (also later editions)

de Leno, Antonius Regulae de contrapunto
Colorado Springs : Colorado College Music Press, Ed Albert Seay. 1977. From 1581 edition.

In Italian with intro. in English.

Ganassi, Sylvesto Opera Intitulata Fontegara - A Treatise on the art of playing the Recorder and of Free Ornamentation
Berlin : Robert Lienau, 1959 Divisions
Hothby, John De arte contrapuncti
Stuttgart : Hänssler-Verlag , 1977  
Huron, David Tone and Voice: A Derivation of the Rules of Voice-leading from Perceptual Principles
Art: Music Perception, Vol. 19, No. 1.  
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, Mozart's practical elements of thorough-bass
New York : J. Patelson Music House , c1976 Translation of S. Gödbé  
Parrish & Ohl Masterpieces of Music Before 1750
London: Faber and Faber  
Piston, Walter Counterpoint
London: Gollancz Ltd,1977  
Salzer & Schachter Counterpoint in composition : the study of voice leading
New York : Columbia University Press Heavily influenced by Schenkerian analysis
Simpson, Christopher The division-viol; or, The art of playing ex tempore upon a ground
London : Curwen , 1955 Divisions
Tinctoris, Johannes The art of counterpoint
trans: Albert Seay  
Zarlino, Gioseffo
The art of counterpoint
New York : DA Capo Press , 1983. trans: Marco and Palisca. Part three of Le istitutioni harmoniche
On the modes

New Haven ; London : Yale University Press , c1983. Trans: Cohen, V

Part four of Le istitutioni harmoniche



Computers and Musical Analysis

Books and Articles

Author Title Date Town: Publisher Notes
Cope Computers and Musical Style 1991 Madison, Wisconsin: A-R Editions, Inc see website below.
Gabura Music Style Analysis by Computer 1970 Art: The Computer and Music  
Pople, Anthony Using complex set theory for tonal analysis: An introduction to the tonalities project. 2004 Art: Music Analysis, Vol. 23, pp 153 - 194  
Russ, Micheal An Introduction to Anthony Pople's Tonalities Project 2004 Art: Music Analysis, Vol. 23, pp 147 - 152  
Russ, Micheal 'Fishing in the Right Place': Analytical Examples from the Tonalities Project. 2004 Art: Music Analysis, Vol. 23, pp 195 - 244  
Winograd, T Linguistics and the Computer Analysis of Tonal Harmony 1968 Art: Journal of Music Theory Vol. 12 no1.  
Youngblood Root Progression and Composer Identification 1970 Art: The Computer and Music  



Music Perception and Cognition

Books and Articles

Author Title Date Town: Publisher Notes
Temperley, David The Cognition of Basic Musical Structures 2001 Cambridge, Mass, London: The MIT Press  
Music and Probability 2007

Language, Syntax in Music

Books and Articles

Author Title Date Town: Publisher Notes
Baroni and Jacoboni Proposal for a Grammar of Melody: The Bach Chorales 1978 Montreal: University of Montreal  
Baroni, Mario
The Concept of Musical Grammar 1983 Art: Music Analysis  
Bernstein, Leonard The Unanswered Question, Six Talks at Harvard. 1976 Camb, Mass: Harvard University Press in Video and Book format.
Blacking, John What languages do musical grammars describe? 1984 Art: Musical Grammars and Computer Analysis. From convention in Modena 1982

Cooke, Deryck

The Language of Music 1959 Oxford : Clarendon , (1989) Essential Reading even if some academics now disagree.
Keiler, Allan R The Syntax of prolongation, I. 1977 Art: In Theory Only, Vol. 3, pp 3-27  
Bernstein's The Unanswered Question and the problem of musical competence 1978 Art: Musical Quarterly, Vol. 64, pp 195-222  
Two views of musical semiotics. Some properties of the design and syntax of tonal music. 1981 Art: The Sign in Music and Literature, pp 151- 168  
Lerdahl and Jackendoff A Generative Theory of Tonal Music 1983 Camb, Mass, London: The MIT Press  
Lidov, David On Musical Phrase 1975 Montreal: University of Montreal Collection of Monographs.
Monelle, Raymond Linguistics and Semiotics in Music 1991 Switzerland: Harwood Academic Publishers

Overview to 1991.

Nettl, Bruno Some Linguistic Approaches to Musical Analysis 1958 Art: Journal of the International Folk Music Council. Vol 10.  
Sundberg and Lindblom Generative theories in language and music descriptions 1976 Art: Cognition Journal: Vol. 4, No. 1 Based on Swedish Nursery tunes

20th Century & Popular Music

Books and Articles

Author Title
Town: Publisher Notes
Barrett, Samuel Kind of Blue and the economy of modal jazz
Art: Popular Music Journal Vol. 25 No. 2 p. 185  
Björnberg, Alf On Aeolian harmony in contemporary popular music
Art: Critical Essays in Popular Musicology, edited by Allan Moore

Due to be published by Ashgate in 2007. From a paper to IASPM in 1989

Bothwick & Moy Popular Music Genres
Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press  
Dallin, Leon Twentieth Century Composition
Dubuque, Iowa: WM C Brown Co Publishers Summary of 20th century developments in classical music.
Komara, Edward Blues
Art: Encyclopedia of the Blues Beware error in figure bottom left of p 109
Middleton, Richard Studying Popular Music
Milton Keynes: Open University Press  
Moore,Allan F Analyzing Popular Music
Cambridge:Cambridge University Press Articles. Theoretical and cultural
Negus, Keith Popular Music in Theory An Introduction
Cambridge:Polity Press Cultural and Historical
Newberger, E. H. Archetypes and Antecedents of Piano Blues and Boogie Woogie Style
Art: Journal of Jazz Studies Vol. 4 No. 1 p 84 - 109 Blues and boogie piano transcriptions and analysis
Richards, Tim Improvising Blues Piano
London: Schott Essential reading
Richards, Tim Exploring Jazz Piano
London: Schott In two volumes
Tagg, Philip Analysing popular music: theory, method and practice
Art: Popular Music  
Titon, Jeff Todd Early Downhome Blues A Musical and Cultural Analysis Second Edition
University of North Carolina Press Transcriptions of blues melodies and analyses.


Hal Leonard Music publisher useful for note-by-note transcriptions.
Jazz, Saxophone, Theory Site Pete Thomas's jazz site includes: basic theory, jazz harmony, improvisation, arranging and saxophone lessons.
teoria - Music Theory Web José Rodríguez Alvira's theory site. Animated tutorials and ear training on intervals, scales, chords, etc...
Tim Richards Home Site Information about Tim Richards' publications, teaching and gigs
Wikipedia Article on Power Chords Overview of power chords and their relevance to popular music




Author Title Date Town: Publisher Notes
Aitchison, Jean Linguistics: An Introduction 1972 Sevenoaks: Hodder & Stoughton.
New York: David McKay
A popular introduction that continues to be updated.

Akmajian, Demers, Farmer, Harnish

Linguistics: an Introduction to Language and Communication 1984 Cambridge, Mass, London: The MIT Press Third edition: 1990
Chomsky Syntactic Structures 1957 The Hague, Paris: Mouton  
Aspects of the Theory of Syntax 1965 Camb, Mass: MIT Press.  
Topics in the Theory of Generative Grammar 1966 The Hague: Mouton & Co.  
Crystal Rediscovering Grammar 1996 Harlow: Longman  
O'Grady, Dobrovolsky, Katamba Contemporary Linguistics: An Introduction 1987 Harlow, England: Longman Third edition: 1996
Saussure Course in General Linguistics 1974 Glasgow: Collins Trans: Baskin



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