chord progressions in tonal music


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The following (text):

Diminished chords are shown as follows: b° sharps as: F# etc.

Root progressions are indicated as: α, β, or γ progressions

Should be identical to the following (graphic):

At least to the extent that you can read the symbols on both correctly.

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Note: The following checks are only necessary if you intend to view the old versions of the demos. The new demos should work fully on most environments but if you are viewing the old demos, for any reason, I suggest you do the following checks. I've retained these old demos, because, if the sound works on your environment, then the sound should be better than on the new versions. They should also take less time to download and there is one demo that is not included on the new demo menu.

2. Diagrams in the Demonstrations

The "Parsing" diagram on Old Demo Number 1 should look as follows:



If it does not then the (old) demonstrations will not work correctly. I suggest you try the new demos on the new demo menu.

3. Sounds on Demonstrations

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To view the demonstrations without sound move the pointer over the lowest branches of the diagram in turn. For Demonstration No 1 this would be:

Static Harmony ..... Dynamic Harmony ..... Chord V ..... Chord I

(see parsing diagram above)

The corresponding sections of the music will show in red. You will need to do this in any case, in order to have sufficient time to read the notes corresponding to each section.

The Example Harmonisation is less likely to have problems with midi but will work fully without sound and the overview commentary is included within the scrollable text.

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